European Corn Borer mating Cage

The Need: The agricultural sector faces persistent challenges in controlling pests like the European Corn Borer (ECB), which can devastate corn crops, leading to significant economic losses. Traditional methods often prove inadequate, necessitating innovative solutions to combat these destructive insects effectively.

The Technology: The European Corn Borer Mating Cage presents a breakthrough solution in pest management. Its design features four sides that seamlessly separate through a lock-and-key sliding mechanism, with a lattice structure ensuring optimal ventilation. The top and bottom sections securely attach, creating a sturdy enclosure for ECB mating experiments and research.

Commercial Applications:

  • Research facilities and agricultural institutes can utilize the cage for studying ECB mating behaviors and developing more targeted control strategies.
  • Seed companies can employ the cage to assess the effectiveness of genetically modified crops in deterring ECB infestations.
  • Agricultural extension services can use the cage for educational purposes, demonstrating ECB life cycles and integrated pest management techniques.


  • Enhanced Research Capabilities: The cage facilitates precise observation and manipulation of ECB mating behaviors, aiding in the development of effective pest control methods.
  • Improved Crop Protection: By providing a controlled environment for studying ECB reproduction, the technology enables the development of genetically resistant crops, reducing reliance on chemical pesticides.
  • Cost Efficiency: By offering a reusable and durable solution, the cage helps agricultural stakeholders save on recurrent expenses associated with pest management.

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