Winter Barley Variety- DH02UK-010

The Need

There is a growing demand for winter barley varieties with enhanced traits such as winter-hardiness, lodging-resistance, and early maturity, particularly those suitable for malting purposes. Meeting this demand is essential for ensuring stable barley production and meeting the needs of the malting industry.

The Technology

DH02UK-010 is a promising winter barley variety developed through doubled haploid breeding techniques whihc exhibits favorable characteristics after two years of field trials. These traits include robust winter-hardiness, resistance to lodging, early maturity, and potential for high yields.

Commercial Applications

  • Brewing industry: DH02UK-010 can serve as a valuable source of high-quality malt for brewing purposes, meeting the demands of the craft beer and beverage industries.
  • Agriculture: Its traits make it suitable for cultivation in regions with challenging winter conditions, contributing to stable barley production and farmer profitability.
  • Food industry: The variety can find applications in food products requiring malted barley, such as baked goods, breakfast cereals, and malt extracts.


  • Enhanced winter-hardiness: DH02UK-010's ability to withstand harsh winter conditions reduces the risk of crop loss and ensures consistent yields.
  • Lodging resistance: Its strong stem architecture minimizes lodging, preventing yield loss due to lodging-related issues.
  • Early maturity: Early maturation allows for timely harvesting, reducing the risk of adverse weather conditions affecting crop quality and yield.

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