Tomato Lines Resistant to Bacterial Spot (Rx-3, Xv3, QTL-11), Verticillium (Ve), and Fusarium (I)

The Need: In the modern agricultural landscape, tomato crops face significant threats from bacterial spot, Verticillium, and Fusarium, leading to substantial yield losses and economic strain for growers. Addressing these challenges is crucial to ensure a sustainable and profitable tomato industry.

The Technology: Our tomato lines offer a groundbreaking solution with to bacterial spot (Rx-3, Xv3, QTL-11), Verticillium (Ve), and Fusarium (I). Through meticulous breeding and genetic engineering, these resilient cultivars provide growers with robust defense mechanisms against the most prevalent pathogens affecting tomato crops. These lines offer a reliable and sustainable solution for tomato growers worldwide.

Commercial Applications:

  • Large-scale commercial tomato farming operations
  • Greenhouse cultivation systems
  • Organic and sustainable farming practices
  • Agricultural research and development
  • Tomato breeding programs for improved cultivar development


  • Enhanced crop resilience against bacterial spot, Verticillium, and Fusarium infections
  • Increased yield potential and improved crop quality
  • Reduced reliance on chemical pesticides and fungicides, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits
  • Mitigation of production risks associated with pathogen outbreaks, ensuring a more stable and predictable harvest
  • Empowering growers with innovative tools to meet evolving market demands and consumer preferences

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