BDAMPER: Advanced Application Software for Dynamic Analysis and Design of Friction Damper Structures

The Need

In the realm of rotating machinery and structural engineering, the need to manage and mitigate vibrations is paramount. Excessive vibrations can lead to material fatigue, operational inefficiency, and catastrophic failures. Industries require a sophisticated, accurate, and versatile tool to design and analyze friction damper structures that can effectively control these vibrations and enhance the longevity and performance of machinery.

The Technology

BDAMPER is a powerful application software developed for the dynamic analysis and design of friction damper structures. Utilizing both free and constrained mode shapes, along with the associated modal frequencies, BDAMPER computes the forced response of frictionally constrained structures. The software comprises various modules that simulate the effects of different types of dampers, such as blade-to-ground, blade-to-blade, shroud contact interfaces, and wedge dampers. It supports a range of damper configurations, enabling precise optimization of friction damper designs to control blade vibrations in rotating machinery. Users can select specific modules tailored to their application needs, ensuring flexibility and targeted analysis.

Commercial Applications

  • Aerospace: Optimization of damper designs to reduce vibrations in jet engine components.

  • Power Generation: Enhancing the stability and efficiency of turbines by mitigating blade vibrations.

  • Automotive: Improving the durability and performance of engine and transmission systems.

  • Industrial Machinery: Minimizing vibrations in heavy machinery to extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Versatility: Supports multiple types of dampers and configurations for broad application.

  • Precision: Utilizes both real and complex mode shapes for accurate vibration analysis.

  • Efficiency: Provides fast and reliable computations for timely design iterations.

  • Optimization: Assists in fine-tuning damper designs to achieve optimal vibration control.

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Includes tracking curve, optimal curve, and performance curve analyses for thorough evaluation of damping performance.


Non-exclusive licensing of the source code is available for a one-time fee. No distribution rights available. No third party sublicensing rights available.

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