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Optimal Scheduling with Energy Costs
TS-063305 — Energy use is a major concern for many industrial and manufacturing companies. Given the cost of energy and the increasing importance green energy policies, it is critical that manufacturers understand how their energy usage can be performed in a way that minimizes cost and environmental impact. …
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Posner, Marc; Hall, Nicholas
  • Licensing Officer: Zinn, Ryan

Integrated High Power On-board Charger for Electric Vehicles
TS-063283 — As the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) becomes more widespread, there is an increasing emphasis on improving charging technologies. There is substantial commercial need for technologies that sit on-board EVs, enhancing charging efficiency and reducing mechanical complexity. The Ohio State U…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Wang, Jin
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

"Flexible biomarker biofluid cell array for 2D/3D mapping of biomarker concentration levels"
TS-062483 — Measurement/detection of analytes (e.g., biomarkers) in different environments (e.g., biofluids/organs) is typically performed using a biosensor. Available bio-integrated sensors do not provide the capability to map biomarker concentrations, require a power source to function, use a limited number of electrodes, and normally can only measure a specific type of biofluid but not others. The use of glutamate mapping technology (radioactive or fluorescent ligand bound to a glutamate receptor) has been evaluated and found to require bulky/expensive medical equipment, a power source for measurement, cannot be miniaturized or integrated into a bio tissue, and require patients to be stationary during measurement.
The Need To address concerns and limitations with current biomarker detection/ measurement technologies, an alternative, cost-effective, efficient biosensing system/device capable of 2D/3D mapping the concentrations of various biomarkers in different bio environments is required. The Technology …
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Li, Jinghua; Liu, Tzu Li; Nithianandam, Prasad
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

Porous inorganic-organic material for removal of trace carbon dioxide from air or other gas streams
TS-059305 — A novel method in which nucleophilic transition metal hydroxide groups are generated at the internal pore surfaces of MOFs to facilitate selective gas-phase CO2 fixation at low pressures via formation of metal bicarbonate species.
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are porous polymers constructed by self-assembly of organic and inorganic components. They have been extensively studied for gas storage and separation applications, and post-combustion CO2 capture under flue gas conditions has been a particularly intense area of st…
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Wade, Casey; Bien, Caitlin; Cai, Zhongzheng
  • Licensing Officer: Willson, Christopher

A Model Based Assessment Approach and an Automation Environment for Qualification of Embedded Digital Devices
TS-042856 — A Framework and Automatization process designed to determine the functionality of Embedded Digital Devices.
As our technology becomes increasingly complex, so does the quantity and variation of the Embedded Digital Device [EDD] components that are required within the project. Because not every device is made perfectly to specifications due to a propagation of random error, it is important to have a dive…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Smidts, Carol; Diao, Xiaoxu; Li, Boyuan
  • Licensing Officer: Hampton, Andrew

Semi-crystalline Polymer Nanocomposite and Foam Structure and Method for Making the Same
TS-038002 — A new way to create polymer nanocomposite foam structures with enhanced mechanical properties.
Nanotechnology is a constantly growing field, and has a vast potential to change the world for the better. One of the many things products that the nanotechnology field has given to us is the polymer nanocomposite and their foams. This foam has a greater value than traditional plastic foams, since…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Lee, L James; Chiu, Debbie Yven; Fu, Dajiong; Li, Dachao; Yen, Ying-Chieh
  • Licensing Officer: Zinn, Ryan

System for Measuring Nitric Oxide in Breath Vapor
TS-030498 — A novel system that selectively detects nitric oxide and generates a voltage indicating the measured amount.
Nitric oxide plays an important role in the biological system of living organisms. Nitiric oxide has been shown to regulate and mediate numerous processes in the nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems by transmitting signals throughout the body. It is used within the cardiovascular system to …
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Inventors: Dutta, Prabir; Mondal, Suvra
  • Licensing Officer: Zinn, Ryan

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