Medical radiation attenuation glove

Natural rubber gloves that protect medical personnel against radiation without sacrificing physical performance.

The Need

The medical industry faces a critical challenge in protecting healthcare professionals (HCP) from occupational exposure to ionizing radiation during various procedures, such as diagnostic arteriography, orthopedic procedures, and interventional cardiovascular interventions. The cumulative radiation exposure can lead to serious health risks, including radiation dermatitis and skin damage, with potential long-term effects like skin cancer. Currently available radiation attenuation (RA) gloves fail to meet medical glove performance standards, necessitating double gloving with additional medical gloves for pathogen protection. This not only compromises tactile sensation and dexterity but also increases the risk of adverse surgical outcomes. There is a pressing commercial need for a thin film barrier technology that provides sufficient radiation shielding, meets medical glove standards, and is suitable for a wide range of medical applications.

The Technology

Introducing a revolutionary thin film technology comprising guayule natural rubber and specialized radiation attenuation fillers, designed to address the challenges faced by healthcare professionals. These films can be used to create high-quality medical radiation attenuation gloves that meet the rigorous ASTM surgical glove standards for tensile strength, ultimate elongation, and modulus. Additionally, the radiation transmission attenuation factor of these gloves is remarkable, providing a minimum of 29% attenuation at 60 kVp, 22% at 80 kVp, 18% at 100 kVp, and 15% at 120 kVp, effectively reducing hand exposure to radiation by over 40%.

Commercial Applications

  • Radiology: Radiologists can confidently use the medical radiation attenuation gloves during fluoroscopy and other radiation-intensive procedures, ensuring enhanced safety and minimized health risks.
  • Cardiology: Cardiologists performing interventional cardiovascular procedures can greatly benefit from the gloves' ability to shield against harmful ionizing radiation while maintaining excellent tactile sensitivity.
  • Surgery: Surgeons requiring fluoroscopy-assisted surgeries can rely on these gloves to provide optimal radiation protection without compromising their ability to perform delicate procedures effectively.


  • Superior Radiation Shielding: The technology's proprietary blend of guayule natural rubber and specialized radiation attenuation fillers offers outstanding protection, reducing hand exposure to radiation by over 40%.
  • Compliance with Medical Standards: The medical radiation attenuation gloves meet ASTM surgical glove standards for tensile strength, ultimate elongation, and modulus, ensuring they meet the highest quality and safety requirements.
  • Enhanced Tactile Sensation: With the use of these gloves, healthcare professionals experience improved tactile sensitivity and hand dexterity, crucial for performing intricate medical procedures accurately.
  • Single Glove Solution: The advanced technology eliminates the need for double gloving, saving time and cost, while also ensuring sufficient protection against both radiation and pathogen transmission.
  • Allergen-Free and Skin-Friendly: The gloves are designed to be free from latex allergies and skin irritation, making them suitable for a wide range of users, including those with sensitive skin.

In conclusion, our innovative thin film technology incorporating guayule natural rubber and specialized radiation attenuation fillers addresses the commercial need for a highly effective, compliant, and versatile solution to protect healthcare professionals from harmful ionizing radiation exposure. With its exceptional performance and advantages, this technology is poised to revolutionize the medical radiation attenuation glove industry, ensuring the safety and well-being of medical practitioners while facilitating better patient outcomes.

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