The FoodImage Smartphone App

FoodImage quantifies food waste in near real-time using images of food products and food waste captured by end users or consumers.

The Need: In the face of mounting environmental concerns and a growing global population, food waste has become a critical issue. It is estimated that billions of tons of food are wasted each year, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and straining natural resources. Addressing food waste is not only an ethical imperative but also essential for sustainable and efficient food systems. To combat this problem, businesses and individuals need a comprehensive solution that quantifies food waste and identifies the root causes of waste to implement effective strategies for reduction.

The Technology: The FoodImage smartphone app offers a groundbreaking solution to quantify food waste in near real-time using images captured by end-users or consumers. By simply taking pictures of food products and waste, users can contribute valuable data to track and analyze food waste trends. The app goes beyond basic waste measurement; it also allows users to indicate the reasons for discarding food and the disposal methods used. Additionally, FoodImage enables users to scan receipts and enter price information for purchased foods, creating a comprehensive platform for waste analysis and cost evaluation.

Commercial Applications:

  • Hospitality Industry Optimization: Restaurants, hotels, and catering services can utilize the FoodImage app to identify waste hotspots, tailor portion sizes, and improve inventory management to minimize food waste.
  • Consumer Behavior Insights: Retailers and food manufacturers can gain valuable insights into consumer preferences, purchasing habits, and reasons for food disposal, enabling targeted marketing and product improvements.
  • Sustainability Reporting: Businesses can leverage FoodImage data to track their food waste reduction efforts, comply with sustainability regulations, and enhance their corporate social responsibility initiatives.


  • Real-Time Data for Informed Decision-making: FoodImage provides immediate and accurate data on food waste, allowing businesses and individuals to make data-driven decisions to reduce waste and save costs.
  • Customizable Solutions: With insights into why and how food is wasted, stakeholders can tailor their waste reduction strategies to address specific pain points effectively.
  • Enhanced Cost Management: By scanning receipts and recording price information, users can better understand the financial impact of wasted food, enabling smarter budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Through targeted waste reduction efforts, the FoodImage app contributes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and conserving natural resources, promoting a greener future.

The FoodImage app revolutionizes how we tackle food waste by harnessing the power of smartphone technology and user participation. By quantifying waste, identifying causes, and tracking disposal methods, FoodImage empowers businesses and individuals to take proactive steps toward a more sustainable and efficient food ecosystem. Join the food waste reduction movement and download FoodImage today!

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