Multi-Functional Drug Delivery Nanodevice for Precision Medicine

A functionalized DNA nanostructure made through a scaffolded DNA origami molecular self-assembly process to deliver clinically significant concentrations of therapeutics.

The Technology

This novel therapeutic approach leverages structural nanotechnology to create a DNA nanostructure that acts as a customizable delivery vehicle for therapeutic molecules. The technology allows for a highly tunable and customizable multi-functional drug delivery platform that incorporates interchangeable i) small molecule therapeutics, ii) therapeutic oligonucleotides, and iii) targeting moieties on a single DNA-based nanostructure to specifically target and destroy tumor cells, while leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

The folded DNA nanoparticle was shown to deliver clinically relevant dosages of daunorubicin in a human Acute Myeloid Leukemia multi-drug resistant cell line and refined drug release profiles. Combined with its fast self-assembly and stability in physiological conditions, this DNA nanostructure could be implemented to deliver a wide-range of therapeutic agents and/or nucleic acids in a targetable manner.


  • Rapid self-assembly of stable DNA origami nanostructures
  • Scalable for commercial production
  • Carrier for small molecule drugs, therapeutic oligonucleotides, and/or targeting/therapeutic antibodies
  • Refined control of molecular placement for multi-functional modular devices (e.g. simultaneous, co-localized distribution) of therapeutic oligonulceotides and targeting molecules against a specific tumor antigen
  • Refined loading of therapeutic agents
  • Biocompatible

Stage of Development

  • Pre-clinical
  • in vivo data in xenograft model of AML; data includes safety, immunogenicity, pharmakokinetics, distribution

Commercialization Opportunties

  • Precision medicine through antibody-targeting
  • Customizable drug delivery platform
  • Disease agnostic

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