Turkey pectoralis major satellite cells for production of clean meat

The Need

Increasing public awareness of social and environmental costs associated with the traditional meat industry has resulted in demand for animal-free alternatives. Clean meat (also called cell-based meat), is a meat product that is synthesized by tissue culture that mimics both the biochemical and culinary features of traditional meat. In order to produce clean meat, producers must choose a cell line that originates from the animal. These cell lines must multiply rapidly and predictably, have the potential to differentiate into several cell types, and derive from a tissue of interest in the animal.

The Innovation

Researchers at The Ohio State University led by Dr. Sandra Velleman have established a cell line of satellite cells (also called adult myoblast cells) responsible for all turkey breast muscle tissue growth. While satellite cell lines are generally difficult to establish, this cell line successfully facilitates culture of the most economically valuable tissue of the turkey.


  • Cell line of turkey satellite cells allows culture of turkey breast meat

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