Removal of corrosion resistant polymeric coatings from metal cans

Non-destructive method and system for removing the polymeric coating from metallic food cans

The Need: Corrosion-resistant polymeric coatings are widely used in metal cans to package food, providing an effective barrier against gases, vapors, light, filth, and microorganisms. However, with the complexity of canned food and various ingredients, corrosion can still occur, compromising the integrity of the packaging. To ensure the safety and longevity of food products, there is a critical need for a reliable method to remove and analyze these protective coatings without altering their properties, enabling the development of more robust and corrosion-resistant packaging solutions.

The Technology: Our cutting-edge technology offers a comprehensive solution for the electrochemical removal of corrosion-resistant polymeric coatings from metal cans used for food packaging. It involves an innovative electrochemical cell with an electrolyte solution enclosed in a non-conductive vessel. By applying a carefully controlled current to the metallic surface of the food container, the technology efficiently and precisely delaminates the polymeric coating without affecting its chemical composition.

Commercial Applications:

  • Food Packaging Industry: Enabling manufacturers to analyze and assess the performance of existing corrosion-resistant coatings, leading to improved packaging materials and longer shelf life for various food products.
  • Quality Control & Assurance: Providing a non-destructive method to evaluate the integrity of protective coatings on metal cans, ensuring regulatory compliance and food safety standards.
  • Research & Development: Facilitating the exploration and development of new, advanced coating materials with enhanced corrosion resistance for the packaging of specific food items.


  • Accurate Coating Analysis: The technology allows for precise and reliable analysis of the delaminated polymeric layer, providing critical insights into the coating's performance and chemical composition.
  • Non-Destructive Testing: Unlike traditional methods, our electrochemical approach is non-destructive, ensuring the original properties of the coating remain intact during analysis.
  • Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: By facilitating in-depth research and development, the technology paves the way for the creation of more robust and effective corrosion-resistant coatings, ensuring prolonged food preservation.
  • Cost-Efficiency: With improved coating development and quality control, food manufacturers can reduce packaging waste and expenses related to spoilage or corrosion-related issues.

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