Air-Tight Ambient Mass Spectrometry

The Need: In the rapidly expanding field of Li-ion battery technology, understanding the composition and behavior of the solid electrolyte interface (SEI) is crucial for enhancing battery performance and safety. However, the SEI components, specifically lithium ethylene mono carbamate and lithium ethylene dicarbonate, are highly sensitive to air and moisture, making their analysis challenging. To meet the commercial demand for advanced battery research and development, a cutting-edge technology is required to accurately identify and differentiate the major SEI component, ensuring the progress of safer and more efficient Li-ion batteries.

The Technology: Our air-tight ambient mass spectrometry platform revolutionizes SEI analysis for Li-ion batteries. This groundbreaking technology operates within a sealed chamber, offering complete protection against air and moisture contamination. Unlike conventional methods, our platform requires no solvent, eliminating potential interconversion issues between the SEI species. Through precise mass spectrometry techniques, the platform successfully identifies the dominant SEI component as lithium ethylene mono carbamate, providing researchers with invaluable insights for battery improvement.

Commercial Applications:

  • Li-ion Battery Research: Enables in-depth analysis of the SEI, leading to advancements in battery performance and longevity.
  • Battery Manufacturing: Ensures the quality control of SEI formation, optimizing battery production processes.
  • Electrochemical Studies: Facilitates the investigation of SEI behavior under varying conditions, accelerating research in energy storage.


  • Superior Accuracy: The air-tight environment and solvent-free operation guarantee reliable identification of lithium ethylene mono carbamate as the primary SEI component.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Researchers save time and resources by avoiding repeated tests and troubleshooting due to air and moisture-sensitive SEI species.
  • Safer Battery Development: With precise knowledge of SEI composition, manufacturers can design Li-ion batteries with improved safety profiles, reducing the risk of malfunctions or accidents.

Embrace the future of Li-ion battery research with our Air-Tight Ambient Mass Spectrometry Platform, empowering you with unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and safety in solid electrolyte interface analysis. Stay ahead in the race for superior battery technology and partner with us to unlock new possibilities in energy storage solutions.

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