Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced by High Entropy Alloys

Experience the future of advanced materials—our metal matrix composites offer a revolutionary approach to meeting the demands of modern industries. Elevate your products, enhance performance, and reduce costs with our groundbreaking technology.

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The Need

In the aerospace, defense, and automotive industries, there is a pressing demand for advanced materials that combine low weight, high strength, exceptional wear resistance, and superior high-temperature performance. Traditional methods using ceramic particles as reinforcements in aluminum matrix composites face challenges due to poor wettability with molten aluminum. Existing solutions, like powder metallurgy, suffer from high costs and complexities, hindering large-scale production. The need for improved metal matrix composites that can address these issues and enhance mechanical properties is paramount.

The Technology

Our innovative technology introduces a method of creating metal matrix composites by reinforcing a metal matrix with a high entropy alloy. The process involves mixing specific powders, compacting them into pellets, and adding them to molten metal. Through ultrasonic treatment, the resulting mixture is cast into a metal matrix composite. The high entropy alloy ensures exceptional properties, overcoming the limitations of conventional methods.

Commercial Applications

  • Aerospace Industry: Lightweight yet robust components for aircraft, ensuring fuel efficiency and structural integrity.
  • Automotive Industry: Durable parts for vehicles, enhancing performance and safety while reducing overall weight.
  • Defense Sector: Military-grade materials for armored vehicles and equipment, providing unmatched strength and wear resistance.
  • Transportation Sector: High-performance materials for trains and ships, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Consumer Products: Enhanced, long-lasting goods ranging from electronics to sports equipment, elevating product durability and quality.


  • Superior Mechanical Properties: Our metal matrix composites exhibit refined grain size, improved yield strength, ultimate tensile strength, and elastic modulus, surpassing standard metal matrices.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By streamlining production processes, our technology offers an economically viable solution for industries seeking high-performance materials without excessive manufacturing expenses.
  • Versatility: Tailored for various applications, from aerospace to consumer products, offering adaptability and reliability across diverse sectors.
  • Enhanced Wettability: Overcoming the challenge of poor wettability between ceramic particles and molten aluminum, our method ensures optimal interfacial bonding, resulting in materials of exceptional integrity.
  • Sustainability: With a focus on efficient manufacturing techniques and high-quality, long-lasting materials, our technology contributes to sustainable practices in industries worldwide.

Patent Protection

  • United States Patent Application No. 17/988,888 (PUBLISHED)

  • PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2022/050252 (PUBLISHED)

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