A modified intein for temperature sensitive applications

Controlled Protein Release Over a Broad Range of Temperatures

The Need:

In the biotechnology field, the demand for efficient protein purification methods and innovative drug delivery solutions is ever-growing. Researchers and companies require technologies that can streamline the purification process, ensuring high yields and purity, while offering versatile applications. Inteins have demonstrated their potential in these areas, but the issue of premature cleavage during expression in microbial cells presents a significant hurdle. There's a pressing need for a solution that overcomes this limitation and enhances the performance of inteins in various applications.

The Technology:

The I-12 and I-29 variants of the ΔI-CM mini intein are groundbreaking innovations designed to address the premature cleavage issue while maintaining efficient cleavage under optimized conditions. These mutant inteins are engineered to significantly reduce premature cleavage during protein expression in microbial cells, making them invaluable for protein purification through a self-removing tag method and for drug delivery applications. Their unique mutations offer a novel approach to intein technology, enhancing its utility in diverse applications as well as allowing for controlled protein release over a broad range of temperatures.

Commercial Applications:

  1. Protein Purification: These mutant inteins enable efficient and high-yield protein purification by mitigating premature cleavage during expression in microbial cells.
  2. Affinity Tag Removal: They enhance the development of self-removing affinity tags, simplifying the purification process for tagless target proteins.
  3. Drug Delivery: These mutant inteins have potential applications in drug delivery methods, offering innovative solutions for targeted drug release.


  1. Reduced Premature Cleavage: These mutant inteins address the issue of premature cleavage during expression, significantly improving the stability and yield of precursor (tagged target protein) expression under typical conditions.
  2. High Process Yield: By substantially reducing premature cleaving, these inteins enhance the yield of protein purification processes, requiring minimal changes in process design and cleaving time.
  3. Compatibility and Versatility: These mutant inteins open up new possibilities for protein purification in both microbial and mammalian expression systems, making them a versatile solution for various expression hosts.
  4. Simplified Downstream Processes: The technology simplifies downstream purification processes, reducing the need for extensive optimizations and lowering development costs.
  5. Innovative Drug Delivery: The inteins have potential applications in drug delivery methods, offering unique opportunities for controlled and targeted drug release.

In summary, the I-12 and I-29 mutant inteins represent a pioneering technology that addresses a critical challenge in protein purification and offers promising solutions in drug delivery applications. Their ability to reduce premature cleavage while ensuring efficient cleavage under optimized conditions makes them a game-changing asset for researchers and companies in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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