The Next Wave in Gluten-Free, Clean Label Meat and Cheese Analogues

The Need: In the ever-evolving landscape of plant-based protein alternatives, the demand for gluten-free, clean label options that authentically mimic the textural properties of traditional meat and cheese products is at an all-time high. Current analogues, despite advancements, fall short in cohesiveness and viscoelasticity, leaving a critical gap for a solution that satisfies consumer preferences for both texture and ingredient transparency.

The Technology: Introducing a groundbreaking gluten-free, clean label plant protein composition, carefully crafted to meet the stringent demands of the modern market. This innovative formulation combines pea protein, vegetable oil (olive oil), corn zein, rice starch, and an aqueous, alkaline, divalent cation (calcium hydroxide) to deliver unparalleled viscoelasticity and cohesiveness. With the plant protein content at 50% w/w of dry ingredients, this composition revolutionizes the landscape of meat and cheese analogues.

Commercial Applications:

  • Meat Analogues (e.g., burger patties): Achieve authentic texture with a 7% w/v Ca(OH)2 solution.
  • Hard Cheese or Canned Fish Analogues (e.g., Colby cheese, tuna fish): Craft convincing alternatives with a 5% w/v Ca(OH)2 solution.
  • Soft Cheese or Chicken Analogues (e.g., mozzarella cheese, chicken nuggets): Perfect the texture using a 3% w/v Ca(OH)2 solution.
  • Fish Fillet Analogues (e.g., tilapia fish): Mimic the flakiness with a 1% w/v Ca(OH)2 solution.
  • Spreadable, Gluten-Free, Clean Label Ingredients: Elevate nut butter analogues with an 80% w/w plant protein, olive oil, corn zein, and water composition.


  • Authentic Texture: Achieve meat and cheese analogues that match the textural properties of their traditional counterparts.
  • Clean Label Solution: Address consumer concerns by providing gluten-free options with transparent ingredient lists.
  • Versatile Formulation: Tailor the composition to various plant proteins, ensuring flexibility in product development.
  • Innovative Process: Utilize a straightforward method involving mixing, adding key ingredients, and subsequent blending for efficient and scalable production.
  • Expanded Product Portfolio: Diversify your product offerings with a spreadable, gluten-free, clean label ingredient for nut butter analogues, catering to a broader consumer base.

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