U-CAN-EAT: Transformative Nutrition and Environmental Education for Healthier Generations

The Need: In a world grappling with rising childhood obesity and environmental concerns, there is an urgent need for comprehensive interventions in schools to promote healthy eating habits and sustainable practices. U-CAN-EAT addresses this need by developing a supportive program that combines nutritional counseling, educational materials, and innovative nanomaterial supplements to enhance neurocognitive development in children.

The Technology: U-CAN-EAT comprises two modules. Module 1 focuses on nutrition counseling and the development of engaging educational products like "U-EAT-to-WIN" card games, "U-READ-and-EAT" books, and "U-COLOR-and-EAT" coloring books. Phase 1 involves material development, followed by implementation in Phase 2. Module 2 pioneers the creation of nanomaterial micronutrients to boost cognitive performance and attention, contributing to a holistic approach for overall child development.

Commercial Applications:

  • Classroom-based educational programs for schools targeting unhealthy eating habits in preschool and school-age children.
  • Development of interactive educational products, including card games, books, and coloring books, to instill healthy eating habits, cognitive performance, and academic achievement.
  • Integration of nanomaterial micronutrients for cognitive enhancement, providing a unique supplement for children's development.
  • Engagement with underserved communities to prevent nutrient imbalances and foster behavioral changes in children, indirectly influencing parental habits.
  • Collaboration with schools to implement a comprehensive curriculum that includes hands-on activities, video lectures, and an online library on the U-CAN-EAT platform.


  • Early Intervention: U-CAN-EAT leverages the openness of children to instill healthy habits early, promoting a lifetime of wellness.
  • Community Involvement: Unique approaches involve parents, fostering collaboration to enhance learning outcomes and behavioral changes.
  • Comprehensive Educational Tools: The program provides a diverse range of educational materials, from card games to video lectures, ensuring accessibility and engagement.
  • Environmental Impact: U-CAN-EAT extends beyond nutrition, promoting eco-friendly practices through initiatives like reduced plastic use, vegetable/herbal gardens, and composting.
  • Long-term Health Impact: By influencing children's habits, U-CAN-EAT aims to indirectly transform the health and weight status of the broader adult population.

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