Malting Barley Variety RIL02WI-013

The Need: With the increasing demand for high-quality malting barley varieties, there is a pressing need for a winter barley line that can thrive in diverse environmental conditions while meeting the stringent requirements of the malting industry. Traditional barley varieties often struggle with winter hardiness, lodging resistance, and yield potential, leaving farmers with unpredictable outcomes and lower-quality yields. Addressing these challenges is crucial to sustain and enhance the profitability of barley cultivation for both farmers and the malting industry.

The Technology: RIL02WI-013 emerges as a beacon of innovation in winter barley agriculture. This recombinant inbred line has undergone rigorous field trials, demonstrating exceptional traits. With its commendable winter-hardiness, robust lodging-resistance, early maturity, and promising yield potential, RIL02WI-013 sets a new standard for malting barley varieties, offering farmers reliability and quality assurance like never before.

Commercial Applications:

  • Malting barley production for breweries and distilleries
  • Sustainable agriculture practices in diverse climates
  • Expansion of winter barley cultivation in regions with harsh winters


  • Consistent high-quality yields even in challenging environments
  • Reduced risk of lodging, ensuring ease of harvest and maintenance
  • Early maturity allows for flexible planting and harvesting schedules
  • Potential for increased profitability and market competitiveness
  • Enhances sustainability efforts through optimized resource utilization

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