Malting Barley Variety RIL523PFFN-033

The Need: Breweries and malting facilities seek barley varieties that combine winter-hardiness, lodging resistance, early maturity, and high yield potential while meeting the stringent quality requirements of all-malt brewing. Meeting this demand ensures consistent and high-quality beer production, enhancing market competitiveness and consumer satisfaction.

The Technology: RIL523PFFN-033, emerges as a promising malting barley variety. Through rigorous field trials, it has demonstrated exceptional winter-hardiness, lodging resistance, early maturity, and potential for robust yields. These traits make it a compelling choice for brewers and maltsters seeking reliability and quality in their barley supply chain.

Commercial Applications:

  • All-malt brewing: RIL523PFFN-033's qualities make it highly suitable for all-malt brewing, ensuring superior flavor profiles and consistency in beer production.
  • Craft brewing: Craft breweries can benefit from the unique characteristics of RIL523PFFN-033 to create distinctive and high-quality brews.
  • Industrial malting: Maltsters can utilize RIL523PFFN-033 to produce malt with desirable attributes, catering to the needs of diverse brewing operations.


  • Enhanced brewing quality: RIL523PFFN-033 offers high extract yield, low protein content, and reduced β-glucan levels, resulting in superior brewing efficiency and beer quality.
  • Reliable performance: With its proven winter-hardiness, lodging resistance, and early maturity, RIL523PFFN-033 provides consistency and reliability in barley production across different growing conditions.
  • Market competitiveness: Breweries and maltsters can leverage the exceptional attributes of RIL523PFFN-033 to differentiate their products, capture market share, and meet the growing demand for premium-quality malted barley.

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