Malting Barley Variety RIL02FL-029

The Need: As the demand for high-quality malting barley continues to rise, there is a pressing need for winter barley varieties that offer exceptional performance across various environmental conditions. Breweries and maltsters require reliable sources of malting barley to meet consumer demands for premium-quality beverages. Additionally, farmers seek resilient cultivars that can withstand harsh winter conditions while delivering optimal yields. Addressing these needs is paramount to ensuring stability and sustainability within the malting barley supply chain.

The Technology: RIL02FL-029 represents a groundbreaking advancement in winter barley breeding. This recombinant inbred line, boasts exceptional traits crucial for successful malting barley production. Over three years of rigorous field trials, RIL02FL-029 has consistently demonstrated superior winter-hardiness, lodging resistance, early maturity, and the potential for robust yields.

Commercial Applications:

  • Malt Production: RIL02FL-029 offers brewers and maltsters a reliable source of high-quality malting barley, ensuring consistent flavor profiles and brewing performance.
  • Agricultural Sector: Farmers can benefit from RIL02FL-029's resilience to harsh winter conditions, leading to more reliable yields and increased profitability.
  • Research and Development: This technology serves as a valuable resource for further breeding programs aimed at enhancing winter barley varieties for commercial use.


  • Superior Winter-Hardiness: RIL02FL-029 exhibits exceptional resilience to cold temperatures, minimizing the risk of winter damage and ensuring consistent crop production.
  • Lodging Resistance: The robust lodging resistance of RIL02FL-029 reduces the risk of crop loss due to lodging, resulting in higher yields and improved harvest efficiency.
  • Early Maturity: Early maturity enables farmers to optimize their planting and harvesting schedules, contributing to overall operational efficiency and productivity.

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