Soft Red Winter Wheat Line OH18-46-89

The Need: In today's agricultural landscape, optimizing crop yield and quality is paramount to meet the growing demand for food. Farmers face the challenge of selecting crop varieties that offer resilience to various environmental stressors while maintaining high productivity levels. Additionally, there is a growing need for crops that can adapt to changing climate conditions and evolving market demands. Soft red winter wheat lines address these pressing concerns by offering a versatile and robust solution to farmers seeking to enhance their yields and profitability.

The Technology: Our soft red winter wheat line is the result of years of dedicated research and genetic enhancement. This cutting-edge line was carefully bred to exhibit superior traits such as high yield potential, excellent disease resistance, and adaptability to diverse environmental conditions. With a focus on enhancing agronomic performance and end-use quality, our variety represents a breakthrough in wheat breeding, offering farmers a reliable and sustainable solution to meet the challenges of modern agriculture.

Commercial Applications:

  • Commercial farming for wheat production
  • Crop research and development
  • Agricultural education and training programs


  • Increased yield potential, leading to higher profitability for farmers
  • Enhanced disease resistance, reducing the need for chemical interventions
  • Adaptability to diverse environmental conditions, ensuring stability in unpredictable climates

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