Innovative High-Temperature NOx Sensor for Combustion Control

The Need

There is a critical need for advanced high-temperature NOx sensors to accurately monitor and control combustion environments, ensuring compliance with government regulations and mitigating the harmful effects of NOx on ecosystems and public health.

The Technology

Our new NOx sensor is designed to detect total NOx in gas environments with fluctuating CO and oxygen levels. The sensor features a yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) pellet and a Pt-loaded zeolite Y layer, with three platinum wires functioning as the working, counter, and reference electrodes. A potentiostat maintains a fixed potential between the reference and working electrode, measuring current through the counter electrode in the presence of sensing gas. This compact, single-chamber design eliminates the need for external air references or complex multi-chamber structures, making it simple and cost-effective to manufacture and deploy.

Commercial Applications

  • Automotive Industry: Monitoring NOx emissions in vehicle exhaust systems to meet emission standards.

  • Industrial Combustion Systems: Controlling NOx levels in power plants and manufacturing processes.

  • Environmental Monitoring: Detecting NOx pollution in various environmental settings.

  • Smart City Infrastructure: Integrating NOx sensors in urban air quality monitoring networks.


  • High Selectivity: Accurately distinguishes between NO and NO2 in mixed-gas environments.

  • Robust Performance: Operates effectively in high-temperature ranges of 300-700°C.

  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing: Simplified design reduces production costs and complexity.

  • Compact Design: Easy to install in various combustion and exhaust systems.

  • Enhanced Durability: Resistant to interference from CO and fluctuating O2 levels, ensuring reliable long-term operation.

Patent Protection

  • United States Patent No. 7,611,613

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