Development of Non-Foaming High Strength, Single Component Methacrylate/Polyurethane Adhesive

A single component, moisture-cured methacrylate/polyurethane hybrid adhesive that combines the non-toxic, high strength properties of methacrylate adhesives with the bonding characteristics of polyurethanes

The Need

Methacrylate adhesives are strong and can be used on similar or dissimilar materials, such as plastic, metal, composites, and ceramic. They have excellent peel strength, resist abrasion, and stand up to a fair range of temperatures. They also require little preparation of the surfaces to be bonded. However, their applications have been limited to industrial and biomedical use. The curing mechanism limits the feasibility of wide-spread adaptation of methacrylate adhesives, because its curing is initiated by heat, light, or mixing a redox system.

The Technology

Researchers at The Ohio State University have developed a single-component, ambient moisture-cured methacrylate/polyurethane hybrid adhesive. This new technology eliminates the need for mixing or an external energy stimulus to initiate curing. The resultant product is readily usable by consumers.

Commercial Applications

  • Home consumer
  • Potential in curing other methacrylate formulations
    • coatings, paints, cements, injection molding resins, additive manufacturing resins, hydrogels, biomedical polymers, and more

Benefits/ Advantages

  • Non-toxic
  • High strength
  • Non-foaming
  • Cures rapidly without external stimulation

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