Plant-based beverages with EPA and DHA from non-fish sources

The Need: The increasing awareness of the health benefits associated with fish oil and its fatty acid components, such as EPA and DHA, has resulted in a demand for dietary supplements that can provide these beneficial compounds. However, various factors, including allergies, dietary restrictions, and environmental concerns, limit the consumption of fish as a source of these essential fatty acids. There is a clear commercial need for an accessible and safe alternative source of EPA and DHA to address these limitations and meet the growing demand for these health-promoting compounds.

The Technology: The technology described herein offers innovative compositions and methods for the production and utilization of EPA and DHA without the need for traditional fish-derived sources. These groundbreaking methods allow for the synthesis and formulation of EPA and DHA in a sustainable and controlled environment, ensuring consistent quality and purity.

Commercial Applications:

  • Dietary Supplements: The technology provides a reliable and sustainable source of EPA and DHA, allowing manufacturers to produce dietary supplements that promote cardiovascular health and reduce inflammation, catering to health-conscious consumers.
  • Functional Foods: Food companies can incorporate the synthesized EPA and DHA into various products, such as fortified beverages and snacks, to enhance their nutritional value and attract health-conscious consumers.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The technology opens new avenues for pharmaceutical companies to develop medications that harness the health benefits of EPA and DHA, potentially improving treatments for cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory conditions.


  • Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly: By eliminating the reliance on fish-derived sources, the technology contributes to the preservation of marine ecosystems and reduces the pressure on global fish stocks.
  • Allergen-Free and Dietary-Restriction Friendly: The synthesized EPA and DHA offer a solution for individuals with fish allergies or dietary restrictions, ensuring they can still access the health benefits of these essential fatty acids.
  • Consistent Quality and Purity: The controlled production process guarantees a reliable and pure source of EPA and DHA, providing consumers with a trustworthy and effective supplement or ingredient for various applications.

With its ability to address the commercial need for a safe and accessible source of EPA and DHA, the technology offers a promising solution for the nutraceutical, food, and pharmaceutical industries while contributing positively to environmental sustainability.


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