Surface barrier engineering using AlGaO/GaO

A new method of surface barrier engineering that introduces a linearly graded (AlxGa1-x)2O3 cap layer. This improves the Schottky barrier at the surface which results in a higher breakdown field.

The Need

Ga2O3 is a promising ultra-widebandgap semiconductor with many applications in power switching and RF electronics. Realizing those improvements requires efficient field management design to prevent premature breakdown due to electric field crowding at the device edges. There is a need to develop techniques for manufacturing that result in a higher breakdown field.

The Technology

Dr. Siddharth Rajan, along with a team at The Ohio State University, have developed a novel surface barrier method using AlGaO or GaO. For example, the method involves deposition of AlGaO and/or GaO between multiple electrode layers and an optional dielectric layer. In some configurations, there may be only Ga2O3 between the electrodes. In other cases, there may be an additional layer of graded (AlxGa1-x)2O3 in addition to the layer of Ga2O3. All configurations may include an optional dielectric layer.

Commercial Applications

  • Power electronics
  • RF circuity


  • Higher power density
  • Easier and more consistent fabrication
  • Improved tunneling current
  • Improved Schottky barrier height

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