Monolithically Integrated Tunnel Junction-Based GaN Light Emitting Transistors

Emissive display technologies (e.g., OLEDs) are display technologies that emit light directly to produce images. Unlike reflective displays, which rely on external light sources, emissive displays generate light, resulting in vibrant and high-contrast visuals. These next-generation displays are used in several applications, including mobile devices, AV/VR headsets, and wearable devices.

The Need

Although emissive displays are integrated into many electronic devices, they face some challenges. One of the primary issues is the integration of LEDs and electronic drivers when scaling into mesa dimensions. The mesa is a crucial parameter in display manufacturing as it determines the size of the individual pixels on the display. The size of the mesa structures influences factors such as pixel density, resolution, and overall image quality.

The Technology

This technology uses tunnel junction-enabled gallium nitride (GAN) LEDs to create three-terminal planar light-emitting transistors. The structure comprises a GaN at the top of the LED structure, enabling independent switching that can control high-speed lateral GaN transistors. Vertical and monolithically integrated transistors on tunnel junctions enable a planar micro-LED structure.

Commercial Applications

This invention can be used to enhance the image quality and speed of emissive display technologies like LEDs, OLEDs, micro LEDs, and quantum dot displays.


Compared to emissive display technologies, this invention provides a planar LED structure that can be as small as 1 micron. Additionally, it allows for array or individual control of an LED and high-speed switching.

Patent Protection

U.S. Provisional patent filed

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