Food-Grade Soybean Variety HS8-W179

The Need: In the ever-evolving agricultural landscape, there is a critical need for food-grade cultivars that offer superior yields, enhanced protein content, and resistance to prevalent diseases. Farmers and agricultural stakeholders seek cultivars that not only optimize productivity but also ensure high-quality produce to meet the demands of a growing population and evolving market preferences.

The Technology: HS8W-179 addresses this pressing need by offering a breakthrough in food-grade cultivars. Derived from a meticulous crossbreeding process involving HS1-424 and Ohio FG4, HS8W-179 represents an F4 composited line with unparalleled attributes. Boasting a remarkable combination of yield, protein content, seed weight, and hilum color, HS8W-179 sets a new standard in agricultural innovation.

Commercial Applications:

  • Ideal for large-scale agricultural operations seeking enhanced yields and quality produce.
  • Suited for food processing industries aiming for premium-grade ingredients with high protein content.
  • Valuable for research institutions and universities conducting studies on cultivar development and disease resistance.


  • Superior yield performance surpassing existing food-grade cultivars, ensuring enhanced profitability for farmers.
  • High protein content of 431.9 g kg-1, akin to industry-leading varieties, catering to consumer demand for nutritious products.
  • Excellent partial resistance to P. sojae, mitigating the risk of yield loss due to prevalent diseases.
  • Versatile maturity similar to leading cultivars, providing flexibility in planting schedules and harvest management.
  • Distinctive traits such as purple flowers, clear hilum, and dull yellow seed coat enhance market appeal and product differentiation.

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