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Tunable Switched Impedance Matching Network (TSIMN)
TS-063058 — The Need In the era of electrified vehicles, there is a growing demand for efficient power systems that can provide high voltage and/or high output power to meet strict design requirements. These power systems also need to supply power to other equipment and circuits, such as DC-DC converters, on-b…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Wang, Jin
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

Utilization of Interconnections in Electronic Circuits as Magnetohydrodynamic Pumps for Liquid Metalbased Cooling
TS-062494 — A novel magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) pump-based thermal management system design where integration of the cooling apparatus using electronic circuit interconnections achieves improved thermal management at a lower cost.
Newer applications incorporating high-power electronics designs face greater thermal management challenges and impact systemic stability and reliability. Enhanced cooling techniques in these complex electronic systems rely on liquid cooling instead of air cooling. However, liquid cooling approache…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Wang, Jin; Fan, Junchong
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

Extreme-Condition Sensors for Use with Electrical Capacitance VolumeTomography & Capacitance Sensing Applications
TS-037841 — A modular and non-invasive ECVT sensor that can be adapted and scaled to vessel demands.
Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) is a non-invasive image reconstruction that provides volumetric images of a material. An ECVT system is generally comprised of a sensor, data acquisition system, computer system, and software for reconstruction of the 3D image. Capacitance data colle…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Marashdeh, Qussai; Alghothani, Yousef; Hudak, Jesse; Legg, Geoffrey; Straiton, Benjamin; Tong, Andrew
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

A Voltage Divider based Auxiliary Power Unit for Power Electronic Converters
TS-035666 — A more reliable, less complex, and cost effective concept for providing auxiliary power to high voltage electronic converters without external power sources.
Power electronic converters need a certain type of auxiliary power unit to provide electric power to their controllers, gate-driving circuits and/or sensors. For power electronic converters used in high voltage systems, the auxiliary power unit is difficult to design and fabricate due to massive e…
  • College: College of Engineering (COE)
  • Inventors: Wang, Jin; Hu, Boxue; Li, He
  • Licensing Officer: Ashouripashaki, Mandana

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