Surrogates for Metal Guardrails

The Need

Road departures remain a significant source of traffic accidents. Tools for limiting road departures are needed to reduce accidents and improve safe driving conditions.

The Technology

The Ohio State University researcher Dr. Chi-Chih Chen, along with a team of researchers, has developed a novel metal guardrail surrogate. The metal guardrail surrogate includes a main body that can be configured to be substantially the same size and shape as a main body of a metal guardrail. The main body can include a core, and a skin attached to the core. The core can be a non-metal core. The skin can be configured to exhibit substantially the same characteristics as the main body of the metal guardrail relative to one or more vehicle sensors.

Commercial Applications

  • Road departure mitigation system testing
  • Vehicle safety testing
  • Roadside object collision testing


  • Improved accuracy in road departure mitigation system testing
  • Increased safety for drivers and passengers
  • Reduced risk of vehicle rollover on grass


Patent # Title Country
10,689,818 SURROGATE FOR METAL GUARDRAIL United States of America

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