Streeter (OHS 304 / HS3-2324); Glycine max; Soybean (PV003-09)

Streeter is a soybean plant that is a conventional maturity group II-III variety, displays excellent resistance to root rot, and produces white flowers.

Streeter is a conventional (non-transgenic) maturity group III variety. Its maturity rating is 3.0, placing it at the border between maturity groups II and III. Streeter is a relatively tall variety but has excellent lodging resistance. Streeter has two genes (Rps1c and Rps3a) for resistance to Phytophthora root rot. It has white flowers, light tawny pubescence, tan pods, and a black hilum. Streeter is named for Dr. John Streeter, soybean researcher at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State University.

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